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If you’ve been following along with STATE for some time, you know that the women of STATE have another project, a love child, The Secret Catalog. The Secret Catalog started when Adrienne was living in Brooklyn, NYC, and wanted to collaborate with artists she was meeting and interacting with every day. At first it was a one woman job – think handwritten text, photographer/friends who were helping us out, truly one-of-a-kind designs, and lots of trips to kinkos. We believe The Secret Catalog has kept that independent charm while growing, and today, all its most essential elements remain. We have a (slightly) larger team – there are four of us – a studio,  a couple of Macs, and contributors one could only dream of.

How does it work, you may wonder?

We ask artists and designers to make us pieces or a series , they send them to us, we style and photograph them in amazing locations, we edit the photographs, as well as our extra content, we have it printed, it comes to us, we add in some extras little treats, and it comes to you. You use your secret password (in the catalog!) to shop the secret collection.

As always, STATE made a secret collection as well. We’ve kept some of our classic silhouettes – smocks, sunday pants, drapey dresses, and added a good dose of new designs.

We brought back the robe you all loved, but short sleeve and silk. It’s like wearing a beautiful dream.

We have a matching skirt and top combo that is so patriotic, but in just the right way.

We’ve ventured into overall land, and have a throw-on gauze pair that you’ll want to live in. Trust me, Adrienne wears hers every single day.

Pants are also new on the scene! These are linen and comfy, yet pulled together.

We have a take on a white t-shirt for you, as well as some hand-painted tanks and tees.

And a silk dress with perfect pockets.

We’re also trying our hand at co-developing products we love with people we respect. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that STATE will become an essential part of any beach trip or pool day you have from now on.

We’re serious about The Secret Catalog becoming an entity of its own, and so you’ll notice some changes.

First, we’re committed to working with photographers with visions and editorial directions of their own. We love working with regional photographers and designers, and we want to see what they can bring to the Catalog if they’re given creative freedom.

Second, we’re focused on bringing you the best content we can. This means we’re reaching out to graphic designers, writers, and locations that have stories of their own.

Third, we want to give you the best tactile experience possible, and that means we’re working with a new printer. The Catalog feels more substantial and luxurious than ever before, because we think the goods inside deserve it, as do you.

Our list of designers this issue is a total dream and includes makers we’ve been fans of for a long time.


The Secret Catalog is on pre-sale now (GET YOUR COPY!!) and will ship out in mid-May. 

The Secret Catalog store opens at the end of May (the exact day/time is printed in the catalog)

Read more about the catalog:

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New Studio / Textile Classes


When STATE moved into its new studio space in downtown Thomson, GA a hand-full of months ago, we did so with several goals in mind.

 First, that we had a space that could afford us our desire to expand production and bring sewing in-house.

Second, that we had space for the Secret Catalog to grow into its own entity.

And third, we wanted to give this beautiful community something in return for being so welcoming to us when we first moved here two years ago.

 I've always thought of STATE as a collaborative effort and been happiest when working with friends and people I respect. Now we have a chance to make STATE a collaboration between a clothing company and a community. Since moving to rural Georgia, I've been interested in bringing STATE's center of gravity to rest here, meaning that all of my smocks and as much of my clothing as possible is sewn here by a small batch of ladies. Now, the STATE team is working to use our platform to show all of you some of the amazing goods that are made here- regionally- and to make those goods available to the Thomson community at large.

 We are excited to announce that STATE's storefront will be opening within a matter of weeks! We will house our STATE collection, some of our favorite must-have goods from the Secret Catalog, and a host of other finds. We’re sending out the call, though, to those of you who live and make regionally. We want to know about you so that we can show our community what you do.

It’s a frightening and uncertain time for many of us, and we intend- in every way- to show up for our fellow small business makers; whether you have a bizallion instagram followers or you’re a grandma who crochets in her free time, reach out to us and show us what you do. We want to show others.  

 Which brings us perhaps the most exciting piece of this new pie: STATE classes. Creativity is a lovely antidote to fear, and we want to spread creative thought, exploration, and action as far as we can. We will be hosting a series of classes for adults and children at the new STATE studio; from indigo tie dye to batik, felting to marbling, come hang out with us, learn a new skill, and fortify your innovative spirit.

Photos by Isabelle Selby.

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The Winter Secret Catalog


The Secret Catalog was born three four years ago in Brooklyn, NY out of my desire to collaborate with all of the strikingly talented and creative people I was meeting, spending time around, and working with. As an artist, I’ve continually struggled between my desire to create new, boundary-pushing work, while balancing customer expectation and demand. It can be a hard tight-rope to walk, and so The Secret Catalog seemed like a project that could inspire everyone involved - me, the other designers, and our customers.

The Secret Catalog aims to bring surprise and joy to the people who invest in her. A new take on the classic mail order catalog most of us loved as kids, the SC shows up in your mailbox brimming with things you didn’t know existed, and, hopefully things that make your life more beautiful. Just as SC customers don’t know what awaits them, neither do the designers who contributed; the Secret Catalog team curates all of the artists’ goods into 70 pages of photo spreads that are photographed by some of the South’s most brilliant photographers. All involved anticipate the catalog arriving in the mail, and nothing makes us happier!

Recipients of the catalog receive the top secret password that grants access to the online store the day it goes live. There you'll find every item in the catalog for sale. Clothing, accessories, home goods, jewelry, and body products, all made exclusively for our pages!  When you shop from the Secret Catalog, you’re supporting small individual-owned businesses that are brave in their ethics and creativity.

STATE always contributes special one-of-a-kind products as well. While we will save some element of surprise for the day of, I wanted to fill you in on a couple of our favorite items that will be exclusive to SC4.

First, THE robe. At least that’s how we all think of it- in italics. I hand-painted one of STATE’s newest designs, the flannel robe, with a smattering of hand-mixed textile colors. It’s truly striking, and we know you’ll want to wear it at home and out in the world.

The Gold Foil Smock. We took one of our classic white linen smocks and transformed it-- tens of hours and a roll of gold foil later, our shining gold smock is begging to be someone’s forever New Year’s Dress.

Painted Origami Pants. I’ve been getting question after question about my personal pair of origami pants for the better part of a year. They’re what I wear in the studio while painting, knocking around the house, or working on STATE’s new studio space. Because so many of you loved them, we thought we’d get some started for you. My studio assistants and I wore new pairs of origami pants straight from the factory while working on our painting projects. While not as intense as mine, we trust you can take it from here.

We also made a lot of creative gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list!  From tea towels to fun collaborations with our favorite brands, the winter catalog is some of the most fun shopping we've created!

I hope you’re as eager about the Winter Edition, as we are. When I say it’s a passion project, I am sincere. We work untold hours to make it as beautiful for you as we know it can be, and it’s on sale now HERE. We’d love for you to go check it out, play along, and support the 40+ contributors that collabrorated to this issue.


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Thread Caravan


Earlier in the year, Caitlin and the Thread Caravan team reached out to us at STATE wanting to collaborate. If you don't know Thread Caravan, know this: their team orchestrates picturesque and educational trips to art and craft centers around the world. Artisans of various trades teach and mentor Thread Caravan travelers, which means those artisans aren't pressured to focus so much on selling their goods, but can focus on the art and process of their craft. 

STATE loves all of these ideas: artists should be able to focus on process and make art for the sake of art; cultural and community centric crafts should be supported, propagated, and handed down; women and men should be well compensated for their hard work; our spending should have a positive impact on some community, even if it isn't our home community. 

Thread Caravan was kind enough to bring us back the most gorgeous Guatemalan textiles you've ever seen. For the first few weeks we had them in studio, the STATE team essentially took turns draping ourselves in the fabric and dreaming up ideas for each piece.  

Ultimately the pieces were used in two projects near and dear to STATE's heart: 

The rocking alpaca was by far one of the biggest projects in the Secret Catalog, and was a collaboration between Adrienne of STATE and her parents' wood working company, August Lohr. It started as a dream gift for Adrienne's daughter's first birthday, and now a second one is in production and will be driven to its new home in New York at the end of the summer. Although the Alpaca is pretty dang cool, she wouldn't be the same without her Thread Caravan adornments. 

Sunday pants are a STATE classic, and this pair sewn with Thread Caravan textiles is one of the most comfortable pairs ever. They sold like hot cakes in the Secret Catalog, and we envy whatever lucky lady bagged them. 


Thread Caravan and STATE are a match made in heaven, and we feel so lucky to have worked with them. Hopefully many more collaborations await us in the future. 

PLUS check out Caitlin of Thread Caravan rocking a STATE smock in Oaxaca, learning the process of making mezcal:

*le sigh*


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ace&jig collaboration!


What a dream...

When ace&jig reached out about this collaboration, I literally danced around the studio. I can't think of a brand I love more, and their proposal seemed like the most fun project ever. I was able to hand paint 25 dresses for them, and there were no rules.  Meaning, each one is a little different from the next, making them all like wearable paintings. They explode with color and pattern, and will be a great addition to any wardrobe for ever and ever.

ace&jig's textiles are all handwoven in India, making them so unique and luxurious. I have a growing collection of their pieces and they wash and wear so well. These dresses are no different!  I used a light textile paint that was heat set and washed / tumble dried before we sent it out. They're super soft and machine washable!  I even experimented with some blingy gold foil that is pretty AMAZING. It is sooooooo metallic, and it's washable too!  

Here are some shots behind the scenes as I painted them. It was a heavenly period where I was covered in paint head to toe – my favorite state. :)

Head to ace&jig to check them out and scoop one up!  They hit their site on Friday July 3 at 12 EST.  There's only 25, so goooooo! 


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