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Meet Molly, STATE’s in-house knitting extraordinaire. She’s come from Rhode Island where she studies textiles at RISD to team up with STATE to make the amazing tank tops that just hit the store! We absolutely adore her (and think she’s so cute tucked up in her knitting loft at the studio), and we think you will too…

Q: What is it that you specialize in?
A: Weaving and machine knitting for both apparel and interiors fabrics. I make textiles that give the user a tactile experience… Surface texture is always the main event of my work. I love mixing knitting and weaving together to come up with a garment that has a three dimensional quality.  I’m always trying to capture a certain natural phenomena in my fabrics that results from a lot of experimentation. 
Q: What led to you joining the STATE team?
A: I found Adrienne while looking through the Textile Arts Center blog, and immediately fell in love with her design aesthetic and concepts. I then actually realized that we both were following each other’s blogs for quite some time! After showing some friends her website, I literally had a dream I interned for her, and then the very next day she posted that she was looking for an intern!
Q: Dream job after STATE?
A: Designing crazy rugs for an interiors company, preferably in California!? I’d also love to work on an alpaca farm in Peru after I graduate. Seriously considering.
Q: What would you fill the pockets of a smock with?
A: Since I got my smock, I’ve filled it with: cornbread, iced coffee, a chocolate chip cookie, a staple gun, yarn, and tons of plants. I work at a natural dye garden at Textile Arts Center so I’m always stashing strange items in my travels. 
Q: What makes you a STATE girl?
A:  I have a strong appreciation for garments that are handmade and am super passionate about growing a locally made label. I get a thrill out of the process of dyeing, when you can’t quite expect how something will turn out. I can eat an infinite amount of Mexican food. I could talk to you about alpacas and the magic of felting for probably 4 hours.

Check out more of Molly’s work and her blog. And, of course, her tank tops in the shop.

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