Emma Dime's Traveling Stamp

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I always love hearing from SF blogger Emma Dime. When she recently wrote asking if we'd take part in her Traveling Stamp project, it was music to my ears.  I'll take any reason to get crafty.  She's mailed it to friends and designers across the country and each recipient makes something with the striped triangle stamp. Here's our thoughts on the project:

As a life long pen-pal, I love anything that comes in the mail! And mail that you can make things out of — even better! Emma’s traveling stamp project had me at hello and I could not wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. Being the first East coast recipient of the traveling stamp, I knew we had to do something big. So making an entire stamped outfit seemed like a no-brainer. The whole STATE team got involved and shared in the messy fun. We made stamped linen pants, a smock, and a silk head scarf. And honestly, we could have kept stamping for days.
As a professional maker, it’s easy to get in a creative rut. So to have a project that was purely for fun was such a welcome change. It was inspiring to think of all the ladies before us who used the stamp, and we were thrilled to be continuing the chain. I’m excited to see where the little stamp goes next and what it makes!


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