britches everywhere

June 6, 2014

We've been in a britches state of mind here in the studio.

It's been our goal this year to make this classic STATE staple as perfect as we can make it.  Each batch has gotten a little closer, and with this most recent round I think we've nailed it!  We raised the leg line a little (more similar to an underwear cut) which results in a more comfortable and sexy leg.  We also raised the waistline an inch.  This covers more torso, and makes them perfect for pairing with crop tops, bras, etc. 

As it gets hotter here in NY, they're all we want to wear. We sleep in them, do yoga in them, cook dinner in them, etc.  And when it's time to leave the house, they're perfect for tossing a dress over. We just introduced 3 new styles for the online shop:  Confetti, Indigo Watercolor, and a Brushstroke.  (I had a hard time choosing a favorite, so took one of each!)   They're all made in limited batches, so grab them while they're here.  And let us know what you think!  How do you wear yours?


We also made a huge batch of the new britches for a cool new shop opening in Detroit.  Shinola is opening a beautifully curated pop-up shop called Willy's, and we're thrilled to be a part along with brands like Filson, Steven Alan, Carhartt, Imogene + Willie, and more.   If you live nearby, go check it out!  And send us photos - the shop is going to be gorgeous.