Charleston: Medium Format

November 20, 2014

My visits to Charleston are always so splendid and filled with wonderful people, food, and moments, that I completely forget to take photos.

This last trip, a talented young lady saved the day. Chloe came to shop and brought her medium format camera along. It's such a treat to have photos that are a beautiful as the day.  She's about to move to Seattle, but I'm so glad our paths crossed before then.

I couldn't have imagined a better afternoon.  Hosted by The-Commons -- a perfect curated and inviting shop, and more specifically by Erin one of the owners. (shown here completely rocking our new wool origami pants!)

And the day wouldn't have come together for anyone (especially me -- I learned quickly that shows while 6 months pregnant are a slightly different animal ((naps, anyone)) if it wasn't for Amelia Shields.  

Amelia has been my best friend for almost 10 years now and has helped me with almost every STATE show. She's a professional organizer (yes, everyone needs a BFF who is a pro organizer!) and works her magic on jobs large and small.  I'm a lucky girl to have her on my team.  She's also responsible for helping me move into the STATE studio and getting my house settled. 

It was an ideal day and I pinched myself all day long for being lucky enough to work with and to meet such talented and incredible women.