Behind the Scenes / WINTER SHOOT

October 21, 2015

We lead a pretty quiet little life here in rural Georgia, so shoot days are always a thrill. Lydia Bittner Baird has shot our last 4 lookbooks and throughout the year we've become wonderful friends. When she comes to town to shoot she'll stay a few nights, making it into a sleepover as well. This last time she brought Sally Moore (who I loved so much I made her part of the team by hiring her as STATE's new head of marketing!)

Here are some behind the scenes peeks from the day.  We shot downtown using the gritty textures and reflexions of Main Street as our backdrop.  We then ventured to my family's house to shoot the last few looks.


(The morning after the shoot, reviewing the polaroids in my studio.  Or we were until someone distracted everyone.)