December 15, 2015

Dear Nashville, I think you're the kindest place I've ever been. We truly encountered the NICEST people these last few days. Between the incredibly gracious and beautifully talented hosts at Earthen Studio (Camellia Fiber Co, Sonadora Handmade, and Golden Apothecary) to the amazing folks I met at the show yesterday, we were wrapped up in a big welcoming hug!  And even after an AirBnB fiasco left us homeless, the staff at the Sheraton took hospitality to another level treating my mom and I (and Edla) like queens for the last 3 days - (like: late night cookie and milk delivery with a sweet note addressed 'to grandma'!) We truly didn't want to check out today. Nashville, you kinda blew my mind. Thank you for making our first mother, daughter, baby roadtrip so fantastic. ❤️

And thanks to our pal Isabelle Selby for these photographs!