Changes, a Yard Sale, and Beats...

October 5, 2022
The days are a bluuur.

I'm typing this from a table outside the studio, looking across the way at our new space. It's a mess of construction, piles of dirt, and 100% does NOT look like a place we'll be moved in and functioning in 3 weeks. But it is!

Our current studio is jam packed. What had recently looked like a (zany and cute) episode of Hoarders, is now looking more like a Tetris game very near over. We've almost reached the ceiling, folks. It's getting hard to walk from one side to the other, and random things crash to the floor multiple times a day, scaring the pants off of us. Some call this the "messy middle". And man, are we ready to get to the other side.

Adding to the colorful and electric chaos in the studio are the stacks, and stacks of your Interior orders piling high in our Shipping Dept. We've been so grateful for your response to our new work, and are eager to show you what else we've got up our sleeves. Thanks for being along for the ride. I'm sitting here, literally, looking ahead at our future, and it's going to be fantastic.
*Miss our Interiors launch last week? Have you checked out our banging new website?? Have a gander...

The move is getting real, ya'll. We're having a Yard Sale at our studio here in Athens, GA this weekend. It's going to be full of weird stuff. Some amazing, some random, some cheap, some puzzling. And, we have a dozen or so woven chair experiments we've been excited to share with you. Come snag one.

Two shopping options: Friday with some drinks, or on Saturday morning with the early birds.
Venmo, it's not just for money. May we suggest sending a dollar to a long lost friend just to say hello. It's weird and fun.
Abby recently shared this playlist of CPR-speed songs with the studio, and we can't stop listening (and fake CPR-ing) to it. It just felt like a handy thing to pass along.