Coming Soon-athon

May 26, 2022
I was once told that the creative process is like a sponge. In order to wring anything out, there needs to be ample soak-up time. That was the part I never liked in my 20s. I was too impatient during the in-between times, when the ideas were slower to come. I'd begrudgingly tell myself "be a sponge, be a sponge”, but I always felt frustrated and like I had run out of ideas. Probably time to go get a real job, lol. 
Of course, the part I’ve always loved is the wringing out. Who doesn't? When the ideas fly out of you, and your hands rush to keep up and to make things fast enough. All those quiet weeks (months?) suddenly worth it as the sketchbook pages fill up in record time.  
The last couple months have been one massive wringing. It feels unreal and so many wonderful and new things are on the horizon at STATE. We’ve been trusting the journey and following where it’s leading us. 
The inspiration has been so full on in fact, it's left us wondering -- curious why this creative surge feels more bountiful and powerful than previous years. 
My resounding conclusion is: the absence of being on social media, as ridiculous as that may sound. As many of you know, we decided to leave Instagram last year to experiment with other ways to reach you. I had reached a point, personally, where I didn't like how much time I was spending on my phone each day.  And, as the one managing the company feed, we didn't really see an alternative. So we took the leap and embarked on a journey discovering what life was like without it. *An admittedly super risky move for a small business. 
But, now, a year later, the difference is startling. I truly credit this current clarity and creativity to feeling more at home in my head, and feeling more present in real life. The absence of seeing thousands of images each day has led to an internal visual stream, one that feels purely individual. It was always there -- it's in everyone -- but I can see and hear it more clearly now. It's magical, and I think it's worth the handful of downsides to being off social platforms. 
However,  the biggest trade off is that we’re not as able to share sneak peeks of what we're cooking up. Social media is like a conversation, and we miss hearing what you think about where we're headed. So, the Coming Soon-a-thon was born. Think of it as a glimpse into the future — what we have coming up, what we're tinkering around with. We’d love to know what you think, and hope to share loads more soon. 
Until then, 
You know we love being resourceful! Our upcoming Remnant launch is full of pieces made from our fabric archives. Some highlights: bright pink Swayers, the most perfect striped beach dress, and 4 new KID'S pieces. Stay tuned for this wacky batch of (super) limited run editions. Coming Next Week! Monday, May 31st
Our Summer collection is full of surprises. The biggest being the first official STATE bathing suit. We're almost hesitant to mention it — we don't want to jinx it! Production has been wild, but if everything stays on track we'll be back flippin' off the high jump in style this summer. Fingers crossed. The entire collection has been designed around having summer adventures. Think: screen printed mesh, bold graphics, neon, fringe, beads!, airbrush, and more. It's an experience. Launches mid-June
We love being bold. But, we also love feeling simple and understated. (You also need great support pieces to make sure your eye-catchers pop!) We're underway designing our next Basics collection and wondered: "what do YOU want?" Have you always dreamed of having a pair of grey denim Swayers? Or a Bitmap Tent Dress? How about a white Captain's Coat? Is there anything you wish we would bring back? Reply to this email and let us know. Seriously!


Are you ready?!

Perhaps our biggest reveal is that we're launching STATE HOME later this year. Along with moving into a new (bigger!) studio, we're bringing back our retail store here in Athens, GA, opening a neighboring (tiny) art gallery, and creating an even bigger studio space for our team and manufacturing needs.

With the store reopening later this year, we figured there’s no better time to launch the STATE HOME collection — a full range of housewares, small furniture, decor, and more. We’ve been living with our prototypes for months and we're dying to share it all with you. Until then, enjoy these weirdo samples that have been making us smile around the studio, and let us know if you're curious to see more.