STATE of Mind - Indie Style Blogs and Publications We Look To

October 9, 2017

Is it just us, or does style seem so guided these days? Some days it feels like we've all been anesthetized to our own tastes and predilections in favor of a more widespread and sanitized look. STATE believes, at its core, that dressing communicates something about the internal world of a person, speaks to the world on our behalf, and should not be negotiated.

We, of course, are not alone in this. Week to week and month to month, we look to the vanguard style voices for peeks of whats to come. We're grateful for the democratization of style and style news, and even more grateful for the people out there making these amazing blogs and publications that guide us in our individuality. 

Here are a few examples of what's been getting us excited lately:

1. Patter

Patter, based out of London, classifies itself as a lifestyle site. Their monthly newsletter offers insight into not only fashion and personal style, but art, interiors, and travel. Their simple and pared-down aesthetic is of-the-moment, but not trendy for the sake of it, and they're always a couple of steps ahead. The thing we like the most? They're just getting started. 

2. Romance Journal 

Style isn't only a facade, and Romance Journal knows it. They're a print publication with a kicking Instagram (you'll not find much of them online, blog-wise), but they're taking us inside the worlds of "the most compelling- and professionally successful- women of today." We like this, the idea that your thoughts can become your aesthetic; and, further, that both are worth taking a long and hard look at. 


3. Deunde Magazine 

Denude defines itself as: 

"a publication for the honest, intelligent and thoughtful woman. Denude analyses fashion, luxury product and modern culture, putting a select emphasis on slow fashion and highlighting women within industry who communicate unique and considered messages."

We're attracted to the idea that the people making the clothes are just as interesting as the people wearing them, just as artists are often their most extensive work of art. Clothing, like any other medium, emerges from a mind or minds, through materials. Scroll Deunde's Instagram here to get a feel. 



4. Shot From The Street 

One of our favorite style blogs at the moment, it's founder, Lizzie Hadfield, is a 20-something Londonite with incredible style. Things we like about her (other than aforementioned incredible style): she's consistent; she takes a roll of film every single week and shares it; she talks about a wide price range; she does a series called "testing basics," in which she purchases and wears five variously priced versions of the same piece (t-shirts, leather jackets, boyfriend jeans, etc.) and reports back. Can a t-shirt really be worth a $400 price tag, or does the $20 one wear just as well? You get the idea. 



5. The Gentlewoman 

The Gentlewoman is our kind of project. Embracing long-form journalism, in-depth examination of art, and personal style. They're consistently interviewing women we want to hear from, and getting different sides of them too. It's a hefty read, but your eyes will be doing so much feasting. The Gentlewoman manages to actually treat aging women as ... women. 


We'll be back with more style reporting soon. Until then,