Let's Discuss: Woodcrafts

January 11, 2023



While most know us for our clothing, we like to think we're so much more than that.

Did you know Adrienne made replicas of insects out of human hair before she started STATE? Proof.

One of our favorite parts of our new Interiors line is the introduction of our Woodcrafts — unique wooden mirrors and pegs made right here in Athens, GA by many hands.


Inspired by the wooden relief treatment we dreamed up for our new shop's cash wrap, the Woodcrafts are accessible (and shippable!) versions of a technique we can't get enough of. (Seriously, half our studio is covered in it!)




Designed by Adrienne in her home studio (after many odd experiments), they're then cut by Ben down the road, glued up and painted by Jill, finished back in the studio by Lauren, and packed by Heidi. 

There's only a limited batch of each design, and they are not to be repeated!

As our Interiors expand and diversify, get ready to see more like this in the future at STATE. We hope you're enjoying the journey as much as we are.