September 30, 2017
Production Manager for STATE 
Athens, GA 
I am most often found wearing black on black. Here I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt I made when I finally got tired of trying to find the right boxy fit. The jeans are my very favorite—stolen from my (new, as of a last week) husband, then cropped. They quickly became one of my most worn items, partly because I like to be hands-free, and these pockets are seriously massive. And for this reason, I now buy all my jeans from the mens section

One of the perks of working at STATE is that we get to test out new styles. For scientific purposes, of course. I have on one of our new frocks. It’s a riff on the smock you know and love; versatile, and obviously way cool.They’re coming soon, and I think you’re all going to love them.

I tend to stick with the same old jewelry day to day. Emphasis on the old. The watch I have on was my grandma's. It was an antique when she got it in her teens. It hasn’t kept time for quite a while, but there’s something I like about that. On my thumb I wear a square ring that my mom used to wear when she and my dad first started dating. Lastly, I wear these embroidered boots any time I want to throw a tiny bit of color into the mix. They are from a Tibi sample sale. The designer is from my hometown, so they opened an outlet store there, and I scour the place for a deals any time I am back home.