Look of the Week - 2

August 12, 2017

Designer of In & Of and STATE studio assistant

SMOCK: This smock is my first tie to STATE. I think it was 2012 and Adrienne/ STATE were still based in Brooklyn. I came across her smocks on Tumblr (bless that platform). They were always sold out, but somehow I snagged this beauty. When it came in the mail I remember thinking it was the coolest thing I'd ever owned. I was in an urban planning program at the time and I kept it draped on the back of my chair in the studio. It kept me from being too chilly and also held all manner of things, from chartpak to pop tarts. Now I wear it while working in my home studio, gardening, and I iron it for special occasions, to wear over a long dress. 

SHIRT: Let me just say, thank goodness my upper body is approximately the same size as a 10 year olds, because Rudy Jude's line is too amazing to be had only by children. 

BOOTS: I picked up these boots for $15 during one of Becca Barnet's Instagram sales. They're a little too big, which makes them perfect for winter and wool sock season. But I also never take them off. They're my work shoes and my fancy shoes. 

STAPLES: This is the first time I've ever had long hair, so we're learning together. Unfortunately that means it's often messy, but I don't mind so much. I also never take my grandfather's Seiko watch off. He got it as a retirement gift from the Colquitt County Electrical Commission and it helps me to feel close to him at all times.