Look of the Week - 3

August 19, 2017

Photographer and Art Director at Tropico Photo


PANTS: Since working on the Secret Catalog with Adrienne and the STATE team, I've had an ongoing love affair with STATE's pieces. I spent many nights thinking about these linen pants until I finally made them mine, and I'm so glad I did! They are the perfect compliment to my eclectic and perpetually comfortable style. I wear them when I don't want to try too hard, but am still hoping to be showered with compliments ;)

SHIRT: As a hoarder of white tops, I feel like I have the authority to say this is one of the best. This shirt by Shaina Mote can be dressed way up or down to complete most any outfit, while showcasing a perfectly family-friendly amount of midriff.

ACCESSORIES: New bangle obsession courtesy of Palm Springs, but with a second-hand Lauren Manoogian geometric leather bracelet for a modern touch. Vintage green woven purse that is fulfilling all of my outfit color-blocking dreams. Charlotte Stone rainbow sandals that I have not taken off since purchasing (maybe these are a staple now?).

STAPLES: My trademark giant Prada glasses which I have an extreme moment of weakness to thank for, but YOLO. These earrings by Bianca Mavrick  somehow match everything I own! I also derive a lot of satisfaction from wearing giant abstract forks on my ears.