Look of the Week - 5

September 2, 2017

TORY GIARDINA  / Victory Gardens (the video above!)
Musician /  Physician Assistant  
Brooklyn, NYC

CLOTHING: My STATE denim smock is my absolute favorite piece of clothing. I can throw it on over any outfit and not have to worry about bringing a bag anywhere because the pockets are big enough for everything! These overalls were eco-conciously made by Reformation, and they also have great pockets. The pinstripes make me feel like a big kid, and help me maintain my sense of humor. Since these blue Swedish clogs by Maguba are almost as versatile as the denim smock, I wear them like sneakers – with everything. 

ACCESSORIES: I tend not to wear a lot of accessories because I usually ride my bike all around the city (yes, in my blue clogs!) and accessories + helmets don't mix. But this year, I fell in love with the Saliah Moore beaded earrings in STATE's Secret Catalog and decided it was time to start living BIG. However, all those beautiful pairs got snatched up before I could click the "buy" button. The very next week, surely by divine intervention from the Fashion Goddess, I found these earrings that were handmade by Dallas Cruickshank. I think of them as my "fated" adornments, and their beaded weight feels like it grounds me to the earth. This straw hat I got at a California farmer's market, and was woven by women in Ghana. It comes with me on every beach trip.