Look of the Week - 7

September 16, 2017
Toddler / Studio Kid  
Thomson, GA  

In honor of the Secret Catalog KIDS issue launching on Monday, we thought a tiny LOTW was in order. Edla (it's Swedish and pronounced "Aid-la") is Adrienne's 2.5 year old daughter and is a frequent fixture at the STATE studio. She's got a pretty fantastic personal style and has recently started self-styling herself. Here, Adrienne dissects this look for us.

Edla saw this dress hanging at the studio and fell immediately in love. It's a piece we're making for the Secret Catalog KIDS issue and I guess this one is now part of our personal collection. I painted the fabric and it's sewn by a local seamstress who makes very traditional children's clothing. I love the classic silhouette with the bold pattern-mixing. When she put it on this morning, she was feeling herself. She spun in circles and kept saying "Mama! Look at my beautiful dress!" It's amazing to see the power of clothing and its ability to give us confidence even at such a young age. The sweater is a hand-me-down and she wears it all the time. Pro-tip: somehow mustard yellow cuts the impact of so. much. pink. and makes it more palatable. It's my secret weapon now that we're knee deep in pink-mania over here.

I found these pink crystal shades at a weird gift shop in Rockport, MA this summer. Her boots are two-tone suede and made in the USA by Zimmerman Shoes. This color combo (along with one more) is exclusive to the KIDS catalog and you can get a pair just like them!

Her constant top-bun is my solution for how to fix her bangs. When I first cut them over a year ago, I cut way too much! We're now growing out half of them and she has an unfortunate two-tier bang situation that's always in her face. So we do high buns daily to keep them free and clear. It's become her signature style and she loves them.

I tried everything in my power not to raise a girly-girl. But the force is strong in this one and she's totally girly. She's obsessed with any kind of makeup product and has a dozen chapsticks. Her newest love is a bright pink lipstick from Sephora that she likes to rub all over her face. She applies it in the mirror so seriously and it ends up all over her clothes, arms (see here), the furniture, etc. But it brings her tons of joy, so I allow this to happen.