Look of the Week - 6

September 9, 2017

CONNIE MATISSE / @conchitarosita  
Creative Director at East Fork Pottery   
Asheville, NC  

Since becoming pregnant with my first baby gal in 2014, my wardrobe choices have been limited to pieces that fit one or more of the following criterion: Can the waistband expand and contract with my belly? Can I nurse in it without having to be nude in public? Can I pee in it without removing the sleeping baby from the Solly wrap? Will milk/urine/blood/raspberry/mud stains wash out of it? This outfit checks all of those boxes and has pockets large enough to fit a day's worth of diapers. 

I love these STATE Origami Pants so much (coming back in stock soon!).  I wore them at least 4x a week in my 2nd trimester and wear them at least 4x a week postpartum.  But, every time I wear them in the store customers asks me if I personally make all the pots for East Fork because these pants might as well have the words, "I'm Really Crafty" written on them.  

We stopped at the amazing Judith in Portland when I was 36-weeks pregnant and road-tripping through Coastal Maine and Vermont.  I was having one of those, "I hate everything in my suitcase and feel like a slob" sorta days, so I tried on what felt like everything in the shop while Alex gamely entertained a cranky toddler.  3 hours later I still hadn't found anything that fit because I was 9 FREAKING MONTHS PREGNANT, but just as I was about to head out the door I tried on this lined, linen number from Horses Atelier and was suddenly totally feeling myself.   

Just the thought of having to parent for even an afternoon without a Solly wrap gives me a panic attack. Vita slept in this thing pretty much exclusively until she was 14 months old. I keep telling myself that I should try to get Lui used to sleeping somewhere other than on my body, but work life is so full-on right now that my only solution is to strap her to my chest and get out the door.  Also great because your top can be drenched in milk and spit-up and NO ONE WILL KNOW.

We hosted a STATE trunk show with Adrienne this past spring and Lindsey came down with a bunch of her beautiful scarves.  I'd been admiring her Instagram feed for a while thinking how confident and casual she managed to look wrapped up in silk, but couldn't really imagine wearing anything around my own neck. I got over that quickly. I tie this on anytime I'm feeling drab or want to play-up my intimidation factor, which is, like, every day.    

We just started selling these brass beauties from LUINY in our shop. It still feels crazy to say that because for the first 8 years East Fork was really a mountain pottery workshop making pretty traditional North Carolina stoneware, and now we have a store where I get to find really special jewelry and pens and cookware and textiles and whatever the heck I think is cool and show it off to people. 

Changing 2-week-old Vita's poopy diaper in front of my mom, Mom gestures toward it and says, without a speck of irony, "That's my favorite color."  I thought of her when I spotted these pointy-toed, breastfed-baby-poop colored velvet Acne flats during an insane-o sale on Creatures of Comfort. My two-year old says, "Mama, you're a tiiiiiny goblin" when I wear them.  Whatever.