May we proudly present...

September 2, 2022


Like so many over the past few years, my home has become deeply meaningful to me and my family. It has held us close, and in return we’ve nestled down deep into every room. I’ve spent more and more of my energy creating projects for our house — painting walls, reinventing cabinets, and finding a great balance of aesthetic pleasure and true comfort.

I’ve spent the last year tinkering in my home studio: drawing with layered wooden shapes, quilting together my geometric quarantine paintings, lounging on fluffy cushions, and revisiting concepts we’ve tried before and are ready to bring back in a new way – like our Cake Ottomans and painted rugs.

The past year has been indescribably exciting as these home projects started infiltrating the studio and organically materializing into what will be STATE Interiors. The collection will feature decor, lighting, and furnishings made right here in Athens, GA. Our team has been invigorated by the process of developing new designs, and the days speed by in a blur of brainstorming, problem solving, testing, and critique. It feels like Art School again. And the best part: it has felt so natural to extend our aesthetic and design perspective into other categories, ones that build an environment around our clothing.

So, big stuff is coming my friends. The remainder of this year is going to be Bonkers, starting with our first Interiors collection launching at the end of this month. Below is a taste of what’s to come.

We think you’re gonna love it.