Passion Projects

June 12, 2023

Sometimes all it takes is one idea.

Combine that with stubborn stick-to-it-iveness, handy friends to help, and a lot of spray paint, and soon that idea can be soaring in the sky.

One recent trip to the beach inspired such an idea and our first handmade kite was born. Something we've dreamed of making for years now.

We loved every second of this project and wanted to share the journey with you.


– a few weeks ago while solo kite flying –


We envisioned the kite clearly and started sketching. Back in the studio using spray paint and handmade stencils, the three 24' long (!) tails and body were painted in the hot, hot Georgia sun.


Next, the cumbersome pieces were sewn with great precision.:)

Call it multi-tasking, or pleasure-stacking – either way, our after hours projects are always fun.



Finally we packed it up, drove 5 hours, and took it to the beach babbyyyyyy.


Not to sound dramatic or like a huge nerd, but it's hard to describe how thrilling it was to see our kite soaring in the sky. The winds were raging (20 MPH!) and holding the line felt like wrestling a marlin in the sea, the powerful pull of our giant creation almost lifting us off the ground.

In conclusion, as much as we wish this was the announcement of STATE Kites, and that we're moving the studio to the beach to sell hand painted and sewn kites, we sadly are not. (Maybe one day??)

We just truly loved making something for the joy of it and nothing else. A Passion Project.