ReMix Collection, Rugs, & Throwbacks

January 25, 2023

It's been a quiet week. No launches, no events, no rat costumes or flash mobs. Instead, the team is humming along, producing the various new work we have coming soon. Like ReMix, a mini collection coming THIS FRIDAY! See more below. 





The Art Dept has been busy painting our colorful rugs this week and we just wanted to take a minute to give these a proper shout out. HAND PAINTED RUGS y'all. They're a thing of beauty, a sight to behold, and easy on the eye. Coming in 3 sizes and 4 patterns, there's something for every room. 



You know we love a mini collection! Our first launch of 2023 includes 5 sweet pieces made from archive fabrics AND prints.  We've dusted off two of our (giant!) screens from years past and are thrilled to be reissuing them in new ways. For all you hard core, day-one STATE fans: we've got Ant Farm in pink, and the Sound of Music grid printed on thermal. And hold on to your butts: WE MADE TIGHT FLARED PANTS! They are *hot* and we're happy to be adding them to the STATE Pants Family. The collection launches Friday. Look for a preview email tomorrow where we'll spill the deets. Can't wait? Hop to our updated Next Up page for a peek. 

Tuesday, 1/31

As promised, the Sample Sale goes online next week. SO many fun and unique pieces left. Mark your calendars.


While hunting for an old photo recently, we came across some delightful flashbacks to the early days of STATE.
Top: early intern Molly knitting in our no-window, warehouse "studio" in Brooklyn. Below: Adrienne and Britt carry orders to the neighborhood post office - a 20 block walk - in a snow storm. 
As we sit in our unbelievably gorgeous *light filled* new space we feel so grateful for all the twists and turns that have led us here.
And also can't help but wonder what's next....???