See where the magic happens...

March 20, 2023

The STATE Studio is a *fun* place to work. But, when a quiet moment of focus or inspiration is required, we retreat to the Secret Room - an oasis hidden behind a mirror that's really a door.
It's filled with all the things we need to drop into a successful brainstorm session - cushions for lounging, incense, hand cream, fidget toys, and a giant window for looking at the sky. BYO: latte, water, and noise cancelling headphones with vibe-setting music. 
Each day we fluff the cushions and arrange them in a new way for optimal comfort. We settle in, draw, make lists, and take stock – it grounds us and keeps us on the right creative track. 

If you're ever looking for Merle, he's either snoozing away in the Secret Room, or waiting in the kitchen for someone to give him cheese. We don't blame him - both are great.

Carve out your own Cushion Land and let the ideas flow. We can't promise you won't occasionally doze off, or your furry friends will claim your spot as their own. ;)

* * ALL sizes and styles just got restocked * *