STATE + Adrienne

February 24, 2023
Welcome to a new outfit series showing STATE pieces mixed and matched with real people and real wardrobes.

To kick it off, we're keeping it close to home with Adrienne - STATE founder and designer - showing us how she mixes and matches pieces from past collections in her day-to-day looks.

Stay tuned for more outfit deep dives with our favorite stylish friends. Want to come play dress up with us? Let us know if you're in town.

This look is hard to define, but we like it that way. And no rubber band? Use a clothespin!

Tent Dresses are the easiest way to get dressed fast and feel very put together. Bonus points if the color glows like this. 

La, la, la, la, la. 
That's all we can say about this sweet and crazy look. 

Start your uniform collection of Jumpers and get things done in style. 

Layered over and under a dress from our 2020 Stripe Collection. 

Ok, nothing from this look is current, but we love seeing this STATE sweatshirt and striped Potters Coat - gives us prep school vibes. Also, Merle just got accepted into Yale.