STATE of Mind // From the Heart

April 26, 2020

Hi everyone, it's Adrienne.

Whew, this past week was a rough one

After a month of uneventful and almost idyllic isolation, the realities of the virus crept into my family’s life in ways we’d previously only seen or read about. We lost a family member 1,200 miles away and were left trying to figure out how to grieve apart from loved ones, through a screen (it's surreal, to say the least). 

Then, like so many others out there, we’re wrestling with health concerns of our own, and every tiny, eensy weensie sore throat sparks an anxiety spiral like never before. We've hunkered down even further and are now resting somewhere around middle earth. But we still get outside every day, let the sun warm our faces, and loudly sing a blessing over buttered noodles. One day at a time. 

I know we're a clothing company and our emails are supposed to tell you about the things we make. But never have I really felt like that, and especially not now. Sure, STATE is about clothing, but we also strive to be a lot more than that.  It's a community, and I hope that's why you're here. I'm grateful every single day for all of you and the space you provide us to be creative, brave, and vulnerable.

While our weekend newsletters are usually wacky and off-beat, I wanted to share something more heartfelt with you. These are three little things I've held on to this week and that have lifted me up. I’m sending them out to you in case you’ve had a hard week too. 

A Prayer to Who?

This piece by Nick Cave about the power of prayer really struck a chord. Highly recommend. "It is just as valuable to pray into your disbelief, as it is to pray into your belief, for prayer is not an encounter with an external agent, rather it is an encounter with oneself."

Stay High – Brittany Howard (Video)

This song on repeat all week. And the video takes it to a whole new level, especially considering the times we're living in.  Also, Terry Crews, that you?

Wild April – Rowland Evans Robinson (Podcast)

Trouble sleeping? Us too. After trying out a few sleep podcasts this one is doing the trick. Super soothing voices reading stories and nature journals. It's perfect for turning off your mind and settling into your body.