STATE of Mind // Happy Distraction pt. 1

March 22, 2020

See the World from Your Couch

The house is a wreck, our kids are literally climbing the walls, and we just ran out of cheese. How are you all doing? Here at STATE we're taking it one day at a time, helping where we can by sewing masks for our local hospital staff, and walking barefoot in the grass to stay connected to what matters. 

With the current reality of social distancing, and the increase of scary news, we thought you (us!?) could use some wacky, happy distractions. For our first installment, we've gathered ways to see the world from the couch. Please enjoy this interlude of virtual exploration.

“My husband and I were planning on a trip to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary. Guess we’ll settle for a walk around the block now! After, we can all gather around the computer and take a virtual tour of Frida’s house, a place we had promised Edla (our daughter who loooooves Frida) we’d go. The internet is a magical place. Dig deeper here to virtually tour many other museums, art exhibits, famous buildings and more." - Adrienne

"For a healthy dose of fun: binge watch all the episodes of A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour, and live vicariously through this charming couple that travels around the country to visit themed fantasy hotels. It's equal parts endearing, hilarious, and freaking weird. I could have never imagined these places existed, but I feel comforted that they do. And now I have plenty of time to plan my romantic getaway to the Poconos." – Abby

"A website / app that broadcasts radio stations from all over the world! Radio stations show up as bright green dots on the global map that you can tune into. I've been enjoying stations from Budapest and Amsterdam! It's helps me feel connected to and delighted by the music and vibes and languages across the globe!" – Tulsi

"Scroll through this account to gather inspiration and look at some really amazing bathroom pictures. Each time you wash your hands, you can imagine yourself in one of these places from now on! And who knows – maybe this could spark a quarantine bathroom makeover ;)" – Anna