STATE of Mind // Happy Distraction pt. 3

STATE of Mind // Happy Distraction pt. 3


STATE of Mind // Happy Distraction pt. 3

The shock and boredom of quarantine has passed, and the reality that this is the new normal has set in. The days are pretty similar – and we're grateful for all of it, our health, our cans of beans, the roof over our head. But what we're lacking in 'newness' – the spontaneity of conversations with strangers, seeing an A+ outfit at the coffee shop, witnessing a white owl fly across the road – we're making up with finding weirdo gems on the internet. Little things that make our heart beat a little faster, and our eyes happy.   

For our third installment of Happy Distraction, we found some peculiar things on the wild web we thought you might enjoy, if you too are craving something new

This is our current favorite artist, album, and song. And this video is just wild. She's mesmerizing and it only get weirder as the video goes on. Fall into the rabbit hole that is Aldous Harding and thank us later. 

Not sure about you, but cooking three meals a day plus snacks is leaving us wanting in the creative cooking dept. This collection of peculiar snack combos / reviews sounds equal parts gross and yummy. If you need us, we'll be making a grilled cheese & banana sandwich for lunch.

Looking for a way to pass 15 minutes you may or may not wish to have back? Let us introduce you to Pointer Pointer. Anywhere you move your mouse, the site will find a photo that points exactly to where your cursor is. It's weird, like only the internet knows how to be. 

If you can't tell, we really love Google Arts and Culture. In this collection, they've gathered the wackiest buildings from all over the world. Take a tour and immediately conclude your house is too basic. 

A museum challenged its followers on Twitter to recreate their favorite works of art, and the results are really incredible. Contributors took many different approaches, and they're spot on. Bribe your children with candy to play along, or enlist the dog. We endorse this practice as a worthwhile way to pass the time. 


 A current favorite Instagram account around here is @boobie_billie- the most stylish dog. It serves as outfit inspiration for the quarantine days when it's really hard to get dressed. If you're inspired, join STATE on Instagram by dressing up and hash-tagging #STATEofsocialdistance