STATE of Mind - Kids & Curiosity

February 2, 2020


One of our main goals here at STATE is to always keep ourselves amused and excited about what we're doing. To stay inspired, constantly learning, and, well, curious. When thinking about our new Kids Collection, and kids in general, it's hard not to think about their innate curiosity. Humans are born curious. And if you know a 4 year old, you know they only get more curious ("do trees feel pain?" "what is rice made out of?", "why do we have 10 fingers?" etc, etc, etc.)  This morning we're celebrating the specific brand of curiosity that the young bring to the world. If only we were all so lucky to stay this inquisitive.

"The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation." Pearl S. Buck

The Best Website We've Seen in a Long Time– Neal.Fun

We could devote an entire newsletter to this website alone. We love it that much. Adrienne's husband stumbled upon it, and it's perfect for humans of all ages. It claims to bring back the "weird web", and we're so so glad it does. There are tons of things to explore, like helping Grandpa's artshow by modernizing the classics (as seen above), exploring how big space is, or even diving to the depths of the ocean (our personal favorite. It's incredible).  This peculiar little website is educational, fun as hell, and just the right amount of weird.

Meet Farris:

She's a 10 year old who uses makeup to promote self-confidence. She says, “Who came up with the idea that you just have to have eye shadow on the lid?” She has painted the faces of people from her own grandpa to Kacey Musgraves. Along with the portraits of the finished faces, Farris shares the inspiring stories from the women. Follow along with her on Instagram @farrisdoesface and watch her interview with the Today Show below.

 Have questions about impeachment? Leo does too.

Kids are curious and often ask the questions we are too scared to ask. Leo, age 8, had a few questions about the impeachment and interviewed reporters from the New York Times to get them answered. Even though the trial seems to be over (don't get us started!), it is still so wonderful to hear Leo go straight to the source with his love of politics. Listen via The Daily.