STATE of Mind - issue 5

September 2, 2017


Marlee Grace is one of STATE's oldest and dearest friends. We've loved watching everything she's made these past few years. She recently released a book (WHAT!) called A Sacred Shift, and the New York Times wrote a piece about her, and she's still dancing, only now in California. If you haven't been following her beautiful personal and dance Instagram accounts, we would suggest that you do, as good medicine.

When I think of Marlee, I think of a painting. Not any old painting, of course, but a good one. A painting crowds stand in front of for a long while, trying to sort it out, or maybe attempting to commit it to memory. It's something many of us hope to do, at one point or another: have our external lives reflect our internal lives. Still, Marlee seems rare. She's a beacon on the hill of this weird digital world. What she does, I think, that's so poignant and strikes so many of us as true, is to expose her own vulnerability. She shows up, she witnesses, she dances, rejoices and struggles. And as Brené Brown reminds us in this amazing interview, courage is born of vulnerability, and vulnerability is contagious, and it will only bear more courage

Click to see her dancing in a STATE smock


Donabes. Don't worry, we didn't know what they were either. Thank goodness East Fork Pottery is always one car ahead on the cool train. The STATE crew discovered the Japanese cooking vessel while doing a pop-up at East Fork's store in Asheville, and immediately fell in love. They make for simple, healthy meals that taste way better than they seem like they should. Learn howto use one and then get your own!    



We've followed Nikaela's blog, Rose & Crown, for a handful of years. We've watched her life shift, and read and loved every single beautiful thing she's written (like this). We think she's one of the most talented writers out there. And soon you'll be able to read her newest piece in the Secret Catalog!