STATE of Mind– Leisure

March 7, 2020

Athleisure, as a fashion movement, isn’t going anywhere. No matter your feelings about it, the fundamental elements have a lot of merit. It’s based off of healthy idea(l)s. You may not have any actual plans to do something active, but dressing like you might do it means anything could happen. It’s aspirational dressing at its finest. 

Our new collection is inspired by the ideas behind Athleisure - the desire to move, be comfortable, and have your clothing carry you through a myriad of activities, all while looking confident and cool. We call it “Leisure” because even though we work out hard (we do!), we’re not really ‘sporty’ gals and identify more with the ‘leisure’ side of things. These clothes are for living your life in, whether you’re on a trampoline with your kids, walking your dog, doing this grueling arm workout on your lunch break, standing in line to eat the best pizza around, or binge watching Shrill (we recommend doing all of these things). 

The world feels a little extra unpredictable right now. The threat of Coronavirus, the mounting stress of the next election, the possibility things could all change. It definitely has us here at STATE a little nervous and holding tight to the things we know and that bring us comfort (all while washing our hands 1,500 times a day). We hope these new pieces will be a bright spot in your life and help make these wild days a little easier and more beautiful. 


Fitness apparel has undoubtedly changed over the years – from cringe looks, to those we want to bring back – take a look at history through the eyes of athletic fashion.



If you haven't seen Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, then we're crying for you. It's a favorite here at the studio and we're constantly inspired by the costumes and set decoration. The workout scenes are unreal and this compilation of them makes us all want to go back in time and take classes like this. Please, fitness folks on YouTube, make workout videos like this!



The perfect soundtrack for your next stretch, or post dinner hand. Music can go hand in hand with a myriad of activities – so hit play and get moving. 



"There was a jar of onion, and we were sort of saying, 'Wow, how about if you could crawl through those?' Then – ding– we decided to try it."

When thinking about comfort, something that came to mind was full body experiences like giant mattresses, or large pools filled with foam objects to jump into. That's when we stumbled upon Eric McMillan, the creator of the ball pit as well as other large play sites that you've all heard of. In this podcast, Eric talks about his history as an artist and environmental designer, as well as where the idea of the iconic ball pit came from.