STATE of Mind - The Blue Issue

October 7, 2017


Blue can be so captivating, don't you think? It’s the color of skies, rivers, oceans, Uranus and Neptune. Some birds are blue, some berries are blue; flowers usually aren't blue, even if Romantic poets did write about them all the time. Here at STATE, it's long been a staple color, one we think is worthy of daily wear. It's a color so calm and elegant we can’t help but build collection after collection around it.

Like the Potters Coat you can see in the image above. For us, we see it as this kind of intersection of time and work and tradition and quality and style and something that can’t quite be named. It was designed to envelop you, to keep you warm and see you through winter after winter. We wanted this to be the coat you could wear while checking on your carrots, on a walk, or to dinner over your favorite so-and-so, or even on those cool nights in summer when you just know fall is tickling summer's ear.

People have been wearing denim for decades and we think it's still as stylish, durable, and diverse as ever.The Potters Coat isn’t much different than the one your grandparents might have worn, or maybe some other person looking for gold and storing their dreams in their pockets. 



Everyone at the STATE Studio has been having a ball with Instagram's new Saved function. It's great for visual inspiration, as a way to remember something that piques your interest, or simply make a beautiful digital collage. This week we dove into blue, both natural and man-made. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. @ellenjuliabrown
2. @newyorkerphoto
3. @ichheisse.lola
4. @odeandiefreude
6. @hillerysproatt
7. @noble_shop
8. @metafloranyc
9. @artinstitutechi
10. @erinazouz
11. @healthy_ish
12. @paintings.daily



It's a gap we didn't know needed filling. After school, poetry doesn't always find its way into our lives, but Rupi Kaur, the now-famous Instagram poet, is making it fit. With over 1.3 million followers and a best-selling book called Milk and Honey, she's making us pay attention to her abbreviated verses. Click here to read The Cut'sprofile on her. We've been reading it and falling in love.



We're always looking for new podcasts: woman-powered is a plus, and food-centric? Just right. Over the past few months, we've been loving Radio Cherry Bombe, the podcasting effort from one of our favorite food magazines, Cherry Bombe, which explores women in food. AND they even have a book coming out soon! Until then, listen to their latest episode with Alison Roman, one of the food world's whirlwind talents.