STATE's Year-In-Review

December 28, 2017

It's been a big year for us, probably the biggest year in the history of STATE. 

So many changes, growth, and invaluable lessons learned. We've made friends, collaborated, and grown into a different kind of animal ... in many ways, it feels like we've grown up and become the kind of business we've always wanted to be. 

Some things haven't changed: we still eat pizza more than recommended; family is ALWAYS popping in to say hello and lend opinions; we've continued our quest to be as sustainable as possible; we're still designing clothes for the artist in you. 

Putting words to what has changed seems a little more difficult: we've decided to engage in tough conversations and give of ourselves in arenas that seem necessary, even when it feels political and sticky; we decided to embrace different materials, methods, and manners of doing what we do; we haven't shied away from growing and the pains associated. 

Here are a few of our favorite 2017 standouts: 

1. We settled into the STATE Studio, becoming a place for creativity in downtown Thomson, GA.


2. We hired and have maintained a band of local seamstresses who make your Smocks, Frocks, and a host of other pieces in our collections. We could not do what we do without them. 

3. Our team has continued to grow! 

Welcome, Kevin, Caitlin, and Michelle 

And we had the best intern ever; Carly, you rock. 

4. We busted out two full collections, Spring and Winter, a mini-collection for the Summer Secret Catalog, and a KIDS collection.

5. We designed a new basic: The Frock

See our home visit with Chelsea of @thenakedfig 

Gabi at @othercreatures in the choicest all-black Frock. 


6. We curated two Secret Catalogs, Summer, and an ALL KIDS Edition.


6. We merged STATE and The Secret Catalog, and created the Secret Catalog Market.

7. The Secret Catalog shifted in an unexpected way ... we're making more, and we're making them free. 

You can visit the Secret Catalog section of the STATE site to sign up for your free Catalog, coming Spring 2018!

8. There was a wedding AND a baby...

Our prodcution manager and First Mate Abby married the love of her life and it was absolutely beautiful.

And then there's this human... the newest and most perfect August. 


Even if we tried, we couldn't thank you enough for the love and continued support of our growing business. It feels so good to know that we have a network of good folks out there, most of whom we've never met, cheering us on. We can't wait to continue making beautiful things for you to wear and love in 2018.