The Winter Secret Catalog

October 31, 2016

The Secret Catalog was born three four years ago in Brooklyn, NY out of my desire to collaborate with all of the strikingly talented and creative people I was meeting, spending time around, and working with. As an artist, I’ve continually struggled between my desire to create new, boundary-pushing work, while balancing customer expectation and demand. It can be a hard tight-rope to walk, and so The Secret Catalog seemed like a project that could inspire everyone involved - me, the other designers, and our customers.

The Secret Catalog aims to bring surprise and joy to the people who invest in her. A new take on the classic mail order catalog most of us loved as kids, the SC shows up in your mailbox brimming with things you didn’t know existed, and, hopefully things that make your life more beautiful. Just as SC customers don’t know what awaits them, neither do the designers who contributed; the Secret Catalog team curates all of the artists’ goods into 70 pages of photo spreads that are photographed by some of the South’s most brilliant photographers. All involved anticipate the catalog arriving in the mail, and nothing makes us happier!

Recipients of the catalog receive the top secret password that grants access to the online store the day it goes live. There you'll find every item in the catalog for sale. Clothing, accessories, home goods, jewelry, and body products, all made exclusively for our pages!  When you shop from the Secret Catalog, you’re supporting small individual-owned businesses that are brave in their ethics and creativity.

STATE always contributes special one-of-a-kind products as well. While we will save some element of surprise for the day of, I wanted to fill you in on a couple of our favorite items that will be exclusive to SC4.

First, THE robe. At least that’s how we all think of it- in italics. I hand-painted one of STATE’s newest designs, the flannel robe, with a smattering of hand-mixed textile colors. It’s truly striking, and we know you’ll want to wear it at home and out in the world.

The Gold Foil Smock. We took one of our classic white linen smocks and transformed it-- tens of hours and a roll of gold foil later, our shining gold smock is begging to be someone’s forever New Year’s Dress.

Painted Origami Pants. I’ve been getting question after question about my personal pair of origami pants for the better part of a year. They’re what I wear in the studio while painting, knocking around the house, or working on STATE’s new studio space. Because so many of you loved them, we thought we’d get some started for you. My studio assistants and I wore new pairs of origami pants straight from the factory while working on our painting projects. While not as intense as mine, we trust you can take it from here.

We also made a lot of creative gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list!  From tea towels to fun collaborations with our favorite brands, the winter catalog is some of the most fun shopping we've created!

I hope you’re as eager about the Winter Edition, as we are. When I say it’s a passion project, I am sincere. We work untold hours to make it as beautiful for you as we know it can be, and it’s on sale now HERE. We’d love for you to go check it out, play along, and support the 40+ contributors that collabrorated to this issue.