Tulsi Tuesday / VOTE

October 13, 2020


It's our favorite day of the week! Today, we celebrate early voting which started here in Georgia yesterday. (We've heard tales of 11 hour lines!) Tulsi whipped up a meal to nourish you at the polls, wherever you may live. You can watch her make it on our Instagram stories & scroll down to get the recipes. Enjoy!


Election Cakes began as early as 1771! Women would bake them to encourage men to come and vote. It was one way women were a part of the democratic process before they gained the right to vote. 

The Election Cake recipe is from NYT Cooking. 

Follow the recipe and learn a bit about it's history, here!​  


Thanks to the sale of these socks, we've already donated $10,000 to Fair Fight Action, who advocates for fair voting rights and access for all. Grab a pair and help us donate more! All proceeds of sales go to Fair Fight.   SHOP!