Valton Murray

October 18, 2021


I first met Valton Murray years ago when we were living in the tiny town of Thomson, GA.  My parents were part of the local art co-op, and Valton’s work was in the gallery. We were introduced, and I went to his house outside of town to see his work and help select a few for an upcoming show. I’ve never been as struck by someone’s work as I was by Valton’s. It was a day I’ll never forget: being in his home, hearing his story, and seeing the way his art was his life. His small trailer was crammed with paintings. Every surface had a few stacked deep - dust be damned - and large ones covered the walls. This was the case for every room in the house. The layers and layers of images showed his style so clearly throughout the years. Stories of the south, his childhood, his memories. 


I’ve followed his work ever since and have tried to share it with as many people as I can. We’ve sold his work on the STATE site for a few years now, and it’s been so fun to hear from our customers who love his work as much as we do, and who have collected a few pieces over time. Valton is thrilled to have the exposure, and the our web releases of his work have been some of his only artwork sales throughout the pandemic. He gives me a call whenever he has a new batch ready and my family roadtrips back to Thomson to visit with him and collect the new work.  He always meets us outside, with the new work displayed in the grass, leaning against the picnic table. In my opinion, it’s the best gallery in the world. 
He’s known my kids since they were babies. When August was little I’d bring him to Valton’s in his car seat. When Valton did a painting of our family, he painted August in his car seat going on a picnic in a butterfly field (yes, this is my favorite possession.)
You can read a traditional bio here about his life and work here
Stay tuned for some exciting things we have in the works with Valton, and the inspiration he gives us.