STATE of Mind - She Who Wears the Pants

November 8, 2017


It seems the earliest historical records of women wearing pants are Greek reports of Scythian women in pants and armor riding into battle alongside men; the Greeks were impressed enough to make art about it. 



A simple google search of "women wearing pants" turns up some interesting results. I read that adventurous woman have always worn pants, and that it used to be risky (i.e. illegal in most cases) to do so.

Explorers, women posing as men to fight in wars. Sailors and those looking to conquer the American West, they all slipped into pants and did what they wanted. But this was mostly a case of necessity – women needed those pants, they were more a necessity than a style choice ...

Until Katharine Hepburn.

In 1981, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Hepburn said:

"I put on pants 50 years ago and declared a sort of middle road."

Hepburn came on the scene before World War II and showed women, especially influential women in Hollywood, that wearing pants could evoke a certain grace, elegance, and confidence. 

Soon, international conflict and a flood of women moving into the public workforce freed women to wear whatever they wanted or needed, so they could help do the jobs that carried the country through. It seems that freedom stuck. 


And so, in a roundabout way, that lands us to where we are today.  At STATE, we've spent significant time and effort over the past several years trying to reinvent the wheel, to do something fresh and exciting with pants.

There are our Origami Pants, of course, which are like a take on fisherman's pants. We make Sunday Pants sometimes too, a slouchie pair that almost looks like a skirt. But this autumn, we put our heads together with the goal of making something different, better.

Behold, the Perfect Pants. 

Whatever it is you do with your time, no matter how you pass your days, these pants can go with you. If you're a mom, a poet, a designer, someone's assistant or someone's boss, you'll love the Perfect Pants. 

They have an elastic waist, a drop crotch, defined legs, pockets, and come in three sizes.

Click here to see them in action.