November 3, 2017

STATE was built out of curiosity, experimentation, and a love of the place where material and process meet to become something new. 

This season, while we were working to push ourselves and our winter collection to a different and unexpected place, we were drawn to an unconventional textile: yak. 

Yak! Who knew?! 

These pacific creatures live thousands of meters above sea level in frigid and harsh terrains and are "beasts of burden" for Tibetan and Nepalese peoples. Luckily for us, their down, when spun, becomes a luxurious textile, softer and finer than cashmere, and more sustainable too.



The textile we used in our Winter Collection is 88% organic cotton, 12% yak down, and looks like this:


As you know, STATE strives to make clothing that combines sustainability, utility, and style. The Layering Pieces fill a gap we felt existed in our previous lineup. We wanted to make a shirt and a dress that were completely versatile, and our Layering pieces are the product of that goal. 

We kept it simple, and let the texture and drape of the textile do most of the talking. We love that both of these pieces can serve you and your wardrobe in myriad ways. Thin but warm, each can be worn over, under, or on its own.

The Layering Top is great under smocks and frocks, tucked into origami pants, under your favorite old sweater for an extra layer of warmth, or even under the Layering Dress. The Layering Dress is all-season; we can see it in the summer, on errands, and over swimsuits. Or, this winter, slip it over your best black jeans. 

That's the glory of staple pieces this clean, elegant, flattering, and versatile: there is always space for them. From the Himalayas to your closet, from STATE to you.