$ 1,200.00

For Bright Ideas we made just 2 unique Quilt Paintings. Our enormous Painted Collage is a the anchor of the entire gallery installation. Measuring 105" tall and 68" wide, the bold size of this piece makes it capable of carrying any room. It's constructed from painted and stitched canvas in a color palette that feels both modern and vintage at the same time. The commanding patterns intersect and layer, and will liven up any space. It's lightweight and can hang easily with a few pins or staples.

Love this pattern but don't need a giant piece of art in your life? We made it into fabric and sewed it into cushions! 

What are Quilt Paintings? We all had at least one obsessive thing we did during lockdown to pass the days. For Adrienne, it was painting large pieces of fabric with geometric patterns, cutting them into pieces, and sewing them back together. These experiments became our Quilted Paintings. They’re quilted with total precision and seem to float in the air. They’re unique: is it a textile? Is it a painting? We like to think they happily exist in the space between.

Measures approximately 68" wide x 105" long

Custom Orders Possible - Send us an email at to talk about options.