$ 280.00


When we first saw this painting a few years back, it stopped us in our tracks. We had driven to Thomson, GA to pick up new paintings from artist Valton Murray, and as we were leaving he ran back inside his house to show us one more thing.  We gasped. It was such a departure from his traditional subject matter, and the abstraction felt so fresh and surprising. It’s hung in the STATE kitchen since, and we all admire it daily.

We feel almost guilty owning this piece - it’s so special and perfect - and have wanted to find a way to share it with everyone. We considered making prints (yes?! Should we?), but when the vision of wearing it from head-to-toe popped into our minds, we knew we had to make this painting into a dress.
Valton was thrilled to imagine his work translated in this new way and we worked together to create the first Valton garment - something we've honestly wanted to do for years.

So, voila * STATE magic * bippity boppity boop! It’s a dress.

Printed on a soft and textured woven cotton, each brush stroke and flower can be fully appreciated. Our Flutter Dress is the sweetest style with ruffled sleeves and a hem adding texture and movement to this vibrant color palette. 

And of course, two pockets to make you feel like the Queen of the World. 

Wear this anywhere and be a work of art. Literally. 


Anna is 5'6" with a 36" bust, 27" waist, and 34" hips. Here she wears a S / M.