$ 100.00

We can personally attest to the power and magic of these cushions. The first samples for any new design have a way of appearing in our lives - we wear the clothing, and field test the home goods. The first stack of cushions originally ventured home for a photoshoot, and they never left. They quickly became an essential part of our home, one that instantly elevated the everyday moments. What originally felt like a basic item quickly became “oh dangggg, these things are amazing.

On weekends we open the windows and lounge around reading, drawing, and listening to music. We’ll fold one in half to make a comfy seat for board games, the kids pile them high on the sofa for decadent (and stylish!) movie nights, and the dog loves them for obvious reasons. 

And the beautiful thing: they’re wash and dry-able! Our new Interiors collection is full of pretty things we want you to truly enjoy, and a large part of that is making products that are user friendly and practical. 

You're in for a treat with our Float series. Each cushion has been hand marbled on a white denim. The colors swirl and intermingle, making for the most gorgeous cushion you've ever seen. Each is one of a kind and represents a moment in the sun. Backed with a turquoise denim, it's sure to be the most complimented piece in the room. Apologies to you other stuff. 

Stuffed with the softest foam, you’ll quickly see why we named them Cloud Cushions. Hand tufted with colorful thread and stitched closed with Susan’s perfect cross-stitches. 

Comes in 4 sizes:
Big Square measures 41" wide x  41" long x 4" thick
Big Circle measures 31" diameter x 4" thick
Bench measures 16" wide x 45" long x 4" thick
Lil' Circle measures 18" diameter x 4" thick