$ 110.00

Each of our wood designs is a study of shadows. The various depths of relief achieved by the stacked shapes creates lights and darks, and each color is kept perfectly pale so as to not steal the shadow’s thunder. 

Each piece is a labor of love, and includes multiple steps by various craftspeople — wood working, surface decoration, and many, many layers of paint. We wanted each one to feel like a favorite family heirloom, and the hand painted surface gives it a satisfying texture that looks vintage. 

Made from wood, each one is handcrafted in Athens, GA. 

Our pegs are perfect for any application. Have one next to the shower to hang your towel, or in the entryway to collect bags and coats. Each peg is pre-drilled with two mounting screw holes and comes with matching plugs to perfectly + pleasantly cover the screw head after installation. :)

Measures 11" wide x 10" long x 4" deep.