Just like our Adult Perfect Pants, we think these are pretty perfect. 

Made from our favorite Organic Cotton and Tencel blend jersey, they have been cut and sewn in the STATE studio. They're the most comfortable pants and will be in constant rotation, we promise!  And best of all, you can MATCH!

Each pair features a drop crotch, a taper leg, and an elastic waistband that will grow with each child. 



John is 2 years old, 32” tall, and has a 23" waist. He wears size 2T.

Hazel is 10 months old, 25” tall, and has a 20” waist. She wears size 0-6.

Oliver is 1 year old, 27” tall, and has a 20” waist. He wears size 12-24M.

Ellis is 3 years old, 39" tall, and has a 23" waist. He wears size 4T.

Edla is 4 years old, 42” tall, and has a 21” waist. She wears size 4T.



The STATE Kid's Collection is 100% recycled! For years we've saved every scrap from our seasonal STATE collections, and our new Kid's Collection finally puts those remnants to excellent use. It's the same high quality fabrics from our women's line, just now in tiny sizes! Each style is limited, because when the fabric is gone, it's finally gone!  :)