At long last, our Face Project has come full circle. 

Last Summer, we sent a postcard out asking our customers to draw a face and mail it back to us. What resulted was a few months of postal bliss as your letters arrived with the most incredible drawings. Families drew together, co-workers drew each other, dads drew robots, and even an entire 3rd grade class submitted portraits. It's been such a treat. We saved them, scanned each one and pondered what we should make from them. It seemed important to make something that everyone could use, and a tea towel was just the thing. Give it as a gift, spruce up your kitchen, or wrap a gift with it. This towel spreads pure joy.

This project only exists because of our amazing community and we lovingly call this project the Faces of STATE, as it truly reflects how unique all of you are. 

Each towel comes with a printed card with artist credits for each illustration. 

Were you one of our artists? Click here to get a discount on your towel. We're so grateful for your contribution!

Towels are printed on 100% cotton and measure 18.5" x 29"

This item is final sale.