$ 24.00

Our family of Turkish Towels styles just keeps growing.

If you’ve never used a Turkish Towel, you’re in for a treat! They’re thin and lightweight and dry super fast. They also fold up nice and small and are easy to store — unlike traditional towels which have zero regard for taking up shelf space! Once you bring one into your life, you soon realize you need lots more. Good thing we keep designing new ones! Our latest additions and full of vibrancy and are fun enough to stand alone, or adaptable enough to mix and match with the others. 

BATH TOWEL — These big, luxurious, 100% cotton, woven color explosions are perfect for drying your kids off from playing in the rain, taking to the beach, spreading out for a picnic, or twisting your wet hair up like a goddess. 
36" wide x 65" long.

HAND TOWEL — Our hand towels could not be more versatile. Perfect for bringing a pop of color to your kitchen, spicing up your bathroom, or tying up a batch of apples for a picnic. They’re exactly like the larger Bath size, just smaller. Measures 16" wide x  36" long.

Made from 100% cotton and woven in Turkey. 

Machine wash and dry.