Not sure about you, but we're crossing our fingers and toes in the hopes that next year is a little better than old 2020 has been. We figured it couldn't hurt to throw all of the good luck charms at it! We need it. 

We illustrated 11 of our favorite luck symbols and made our 2021 Tea Towel and Wall Calendar to help us all think about the future in a positive, hopeful way!  

Our Wall Calendar is massive and was designed for maximum planning.  We hope you'll be penciling in exotic adventures and gatherings with family! (FINGERS CROSSED). But, either way, this calendar will help you stay organized and plan ahead. 

It's BIG - measuring 27" x 40" and is super fun to color in. It's printed on a poster paper, so Sharpies and other permanent pens work best. We think the more color the better! (Duh). We just stuck our up with sewing pins, but thumbtacks or sticky tape would also work. 

Happy planning!