$ 100.00

Wild horses couldn't stop us from turning our Electric Geology Collage into a print for fabric. The colors are dream-town, and the lines and patterns are a feast for the eyes. No surprise - the results are splendid. Aside from the great print, want to know what gets our heads spinning? The meta-ness of it all: We painted and screen printed on fabric, cut the fabric into shapes, arranged it, stitched them together, hung it on the wall photographed it, drew the photo, had it printed onto fabric, and made cushions. Fabric becomes fabric - with so many twists and turns along the way. It's a delightful - if not slightly nutty - process.  

Our Electric Geology cushions are part of a limited run in this very special custom fabric. Printed on a heavy weight denim, and backed with a super soft corduroy in a sweet shade of peachy orange.  Stuffed and tufted for the Godssss, right here in our Athens, GA studio. 

Comes in 4 sizes:
Big Square measures 41" wide x  41" long x 4" thick
Big Circle measures 31" diameter x 4" thick
Bench measures 16" wide x 45" long x 4" thick
Lil' Circle measures 18" diameter x 4" thick