Made from the most interesting denim – a white and black weave that reads as a pale grey, this version of the Captain Coat will be your new go-to piece. The Denim is from Cone Mills, one of America's most famous Denim mills. It's ideal for long autumns, chilly springs, and temperate winters in-between. It hits at the smallest part of your waist (so flattering), and the sleeves are a pinch shy of the wrist. The buttons are also noteworthy - they're made from a pressed cotton fiber and are the creamiest, most matte buttons ever. Each one was hand sewn in the STATE studio with love. It also boasts one curved pocket for holding essentials, or your hand. 

The button holes on this sample were a bit snug, so we had to clip them a bit to open them up. They should still function just fine, but you may have to snip threads every now and again. 

45% COTTON / 55% LINEN

S / M

Chest : 41"
Length : 20" 
Sleeve Opening : 13.5"