Sometimes you experiment with something on a lark and it ends up being a sparkly miracle. For years now we've made Swayers. They've become a cult favorite and have surpassed our other pant styles to be crowned our Best Selling Pants. Up until now, we've always made them from a stiffer woven fabric (denim, twill, crepe, etc). Then, one fateful day, we wondered what a stretchy pair of Swayers would be like. Would they be like heavenly sweat pants?? The results floored us, and the very first sample was worn that evening to a movie date and returned with glowing reviews. We haven't looked back since and are loving the new world of knit Swayers. They are like a glamorous pair of sweat pants. They billow as you walk, and drape elegantly when you're still. The elastic paper bag waist makes them extra comfortable, and two side pockets to hold your candies and movie tickets. Made from our favorite Organic Cotton / Tencel blend fabric in our favorite shade of Mint. 

These pairs both have snaggs on the inside of the fabric that is barely visible on the outside and slightly affects the stretch of that portion of the fabric.