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$ 240.00

We all had at least one obsessive thing we did during lockdown to pass the days. For Adrienne, it was painting large pieces of fabric with geometric patterns, cutting them into pieces, and sewing them back together. These wacky experiments (distractions) became our Quilted Paintings. Made from traditional quilt square patterns, each one is totally one of a kind. They’re quilted with insane precision (shout out to Abby) and float in the air. They’re unique: is it a textile? Is it a painting? We like to think they happily exist in the space between. 

They come in 3 sizes, each based on quilt squares (1 SQ., 2 SQ., 4 SQ.). They’re mounted to a painted wooden strip with a sawtooth hanger for easy installation.  Each one is light as a feather and a cinch to hang. Get ready to upgrade your space with 3-5 bangs of a hammer and one tiny nail. 

Fun idea: They’d be great on a covered porch! We would not suggest exposure to the Elements, but a light outdoor life would be totally fine, and look really cool. 

Measures 21" wide x 21" long.