$ 130.00

These jumpers were the original fit samples for this style. The straps are a bit long, so they're perfect for you tall folks out there! 

This Jumper was made for chilling. The kind of chilling you do after a long day spent in the sun. You know the ones — where you gingerly apply some aloe to your tender shoulders, grab a salty snack, and curl up on the couch to watch a random TV movie. You'll stay there till dinner time, happy as a clam, and you'll maybe even get a little chilly in the cool AC. 

We loooooooove those summer days, and we hope this garment can transport you there, minus the sunburn.  

Made from a new favorite fabric -- a toothy, heathered cotton jersey that is a joy to wear.  To spice things up, we bound the armholes and neckline with bold ribbing for a little extra punch. It’s a crowd-pleasing color story and will make for a plethora of great outfit arrangements.

Two side pockets make it feel like home, and wide legs will keep it breezy. 

100% Cotton


L / XL - Regular Length
Chest - 60"
Hip - 64"
Rise - 30.5"
Length - 59"

2XL - Regular Length
Chest - 68"
Hip - 72"
Rise - 32"
Length - 60"