Made from two layers of 100%, woven cotton. Designed to match our SS20 Bluebell set so you can be a head-to-toe vision. (While safe!)

Layers form a pocket that can be used to insert a filter of your choosing. 

Two elastic loops go around your head and  can be adjusted by re-knotting to make tighter, if needed. 

STATE masks can be washed and dried in a washing machine with a load of clothing. 

Hand-painted and features scalloped elastic for a little flair. 

Cut, sewn, and painted in our STATE studio in Athens, GA.


These are not medical grade masks, but offer more protection than wearing nothing. The CDC recommends covering your face with 2+ layers when out in public. Please also continue social distancing and, better yet, stay close to home.  Wearing a mask is a great way to ensure you're not touching your face. They take a bit of getting used to. Try your best not to fidget with or readjust your mask. This defeats the purpose and could increase your contact with germs. 



Wash any fabric mask before wearing.

Wash hands well before putting on mask. 

If mask gets wet or humid, switch to a new mask and wash damp mask. 

Never use a mask after single use without washing it. 

Wash after each use. If you go into a store, or are in public, remove mask and safely store in a bag before getting into your car or walk into your house so you’re not bringing any possible germs with you into those areas. 

When removing the mask:

Don’t touch the front or any surface of the mask - only remove via the elastic loops. 

After removing, immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (70%+ alcohol based)

Place used mask in a bag, or directly into the washing machine.