$ 98.00

Our first printed suit has our hearts in a tizzy. It’s a color explosion, organic, mind metly, and head turny. It completely glows under the water, the ripples of light kaleidoscoping the print. Made from a scan of marbled paper that has hung above Adrienne’s desk (made at Edla’s last bday party), it translates perfectly to fabric. We love it so much, we made a matching dress. 

Our swimsuits have changed swimming season for us. We’ve perfected the pattern for the Britches over the last 10 years, and it’s really pretty perfect. The original Britches (circa 2010?) were made out of cotton, and were worn as undies, but we always knew they’d make the perfect bathing suit. After years of customers thinking the same thing, and begging us to make swimwear, we did. And now we’ll never want to wear another bathing suit again. 

Made from a double layer of recycled jersey from Italy, our bottoms fit like a glove. They hug and compress in the right spots, and the angle of the leg line accentuates in the most flattering way. And they're not only cute and eye-catching - they are also tough suits!  Not sure about you, but we like to PLAY. Cannonballs, underwater mermaids, body surfing, getting buried in sand, wakeboarding, etc. We want to do it all. But we also want to look cool and feel confident in what we’re wearing. 

Each piece is sold separately so you can mix and match. Pick one,or get them all. We also designed them to be sure to match other suits in your drawer for a lifetime of styling opportunities and bathing suit fashion evolution. 

RETURN POLICY: You know the drill. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. Try them on with undies and don't remove the sticker thing.  Return or exchange as normal, but we're going to be sticklers about the sticker. :)



Peggy is 5'8" with a 59" bust, 53" waist, and 58" hips. Here she wears a 3XL.

Nicole is 5'9" with a 32.5" bust, 26.5" waist, and 36" hips. Here she wears a S.